Comfort Food

Food is a lot of people’s therapy – when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It’s releasing dopamine and serotonin in your

Brett Hoebel

Everybody has that special dish that they eat when they are sad, upset or just think they deserve a treat, don´t they? That is what we will talk about in our Conversation Club this week: Comfort food. You know that dish that brings the memories of your granny in the farm during your vacation? Well, come and share with us what it is and what memories food can bring e como ela pode te fazer sentir melhor in our Conversation Club this week.
If you would like to suggest a topic, please leave your comment at the end of the post.

Todos temos aquele prato especial que comemos quando estamos tristes, mal, ou quando achamos que merecemos algo bom, não é mesmo? Isto é o que falaremos nesta semana no nosso Conversation Club: Comfort food. Sabe aquele prato que te traz lembranças de sua avó na fazenda nas férias? Bem, venha nos dizer o que é e quais memórias a comida pode trazer e como ela pode te fazer te sentir melhor no nosso Conversation Club desta semana .
Se quiser sugerir um tópico, por favor deixe seu comentário no fim do post!

Part 1 – Language development

In this section you will find an activity to help you better prepare to discuss the topic. It can be a grammar, listening or pronunciation activity to help you speak even more!

Part 2 – Video activities

Here you will find a short video about the topic with some questions to help you understand it.

Part 3 – Authentic Material

If you want to push yourself, here you will find material that digs deeper into the topic. Use your dictionaries if necessary.

A Brief History of Comfort Food

Some Questions to help you think about the topic:

What do you eat when you are sad?

Do you ever eat something just to feel better?

What dishes bring up the best memories in you life?


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