Are You a Movie Buff?

Movie buff :someone who is addicted to movies and actively goes and/or knows a lot about movies

The Urban Dictionary (adapted)

How much do you know about movies? Well, you might see them once in a while or all the time, but we are sure there are some movies that you can´t forget. So this in our Conversation Club this week we want to know if you are a real movie buff. So take the quiz at the end of the article and come discuss your knowledge about movies with us. And don´t forget to join our movie night this week to discuss a typical – or not so much – Tarantino movie.
If you would like to suggest a topic, please leave your comment at the end of the post.

Quanto você sabe sobre filmes? Bem, talvez você os veja de vez em quando, mas temos certeza que existem filmes que não se pode esquecer. Então no nosso Conversation Club desta semana queremos saber se você é realmente um cinéfolo. Então faça o quiz no fim deste post e venha compartilhar seu conhecimento sobre cinema com a gente. E não se esqueça de se juntar a nossa Movie Night que acontece essa semana onde iremos discutir um tipico – ou nem tanto – filme de Tarantino.
Se quiser sugerir um tópico, por favor deixe seu comentário no fim do post!

Part 1 – Language development

In this section you will find an activity to help you better prepare to discuss the topic. It can be a grammar, listening or pronunciation activity to help you speak even more!

Part 2 – Video activities

To link this Conversation Club with our English Club – Movie Night this week we´d like to propose a different activity. Read the material provided and watch the recomended movie for the session, and be ready to talk about an awesome movie! The movie is available on Youtube , Google Play, and HBO GO.

Part 3 – Authentic Material

If you want to push yourself, here you will find material that digs deeper into the topic. Use your dictionaries if necessary.

Quiz: Are you a Movie Buff?

Some Questions to help you think about the topic:

What is your favorite movie?

Are there any movies that changed your life?

What is your take on Quarantino?


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