Study Tips

Study smarter, not harder.


It´s not about how much you study, it´s about how you study. In this world where time is precious, wisely using the little of it you have is more important than ever. This week we want to discuss with you the best strategies for learning a language – or anything – faster and more efficiently. And here is the first tip: Join us at our Conversation Club this week and give a boost to your speaking skills!
If you would like to suggest a topic, please leave your comment at the end of the post.

Não é o quanto você estuda, mas como você estuda. Em um mundo onde o tempo é precioso, usar de forma sabia o pouco dele que temos é mais importante do que nunca. Nesta semana queremos discutir com vocês as melhores estratégias para aprender uma língua – ou qualquer outra coisa – mais rápido e eficientemente . E aqui vai a nossa primeira dica: Junte-s a nós no nosso Conversation Club dessa semana e de um turbo nas sua fala! .
Se quiser sugerir um tópico, por favor deixe seu comentário no fim do post!

Part 1 – Language development

In this section you will find an activity to help you better prepare to discuss the topic. It can be a grammar, listening or pronunciation activity to help you speak even more!

Part 2 – Video activities

Here you will find a short video about the topic with some questions to help you understand it.

Part 3 – Authentic Material

If you want to push yourself, here you will find material that digs deeper into the topic. Use your dictionaries if necessary.

The secrets of learning a new language – Ted Talk

Some Questions to help you think about the topic:

What is the best way to study English?

Do you think quality is more important than quantity when learning a language?

Could you share some weird methods you used to learn English?


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