Theme of the Month



Here we selected a good range of  videos that are very useful for your classes in English.

Browse them and enjoy the most you can.

Television and internet production technology concept



* EnglishClass101 –

* Real English –


* Voice of America –




* What you ought to know –




Group meals

Eating out with a group of friends or co-workers can be fun. And profitable. Enjoy the food (and the good links below):


Food at Work

Common Mistakes At Networking Events

 How not to network


Business Lunch: 10 things not to do

Great British Dishes

The top 10 foods only America could have invented


September ’12

Presentations may differ a lot depending on a wide variety of reasons.  But here are some tips that may help you with yours. Try to profit from the ones that suits you the most



Powerful Presentations(Series)

Readings & Others

University of Kent

Roger Darlington’s World

Get Things Done

Slide Share



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