Black Friday and Consumerism

Black Friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

Unknown author.

Thanksgiving is a time when people should say thanks for what they have, right? So why do they rush to the stores the next day to buy a bunch of stuff they probably don’t need? As Black Friday gets closer, we want to discuss this paradox and many others related to consumerism and the culture of always having more. So, whether you are a shopaholic or a minimalist, come share your thoughts with us in our Conversation Club this week.
If you’d like to suggest a topic, please leave a comment at the end of the post!

O dia de ação de graças é a época na qual deveriamos agradecer pelo que temos, não é? Então por quê no dia seguinte as pessoas correm para as lojas para comprar coisas que elas provavelmente não precisam? Com a chegada da Black Friday, queremos discutir este e outros paradoxos relacionados ao consumismo e a cultura de sempre querer ter mais. Então, seja você um viciado em compras ou um minimalista, venha compartilhar sua opinião no nosso Conversation Club desta semana.
Se quiser sugerir um tópico, por favor deixe seu comentário no fim do post!

Part 1 – Language development

In this section you will find an activity to help you better prepare to discuss the topic. It can be a grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation activity to help you speak even more!

Part 2 – Video activities

Here you will find a short video about the topic with some questions to help you understand it.

Part 3 – Authentic Material

If you want to push yourself, here you will find material that digs deeper into the topic. Use your dictionaries if necessary.

Are you a shopaholic? Take this quiz and find out!

Some Questions to help you think about the topic:

Do you sometimes buy things you don’t need?

Are you a shopaholic?

Has “having” become more important than “being”?


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