Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Com a chegada da Oktoberfest – e do calor – vamos falar da bebida que nos ajuda a celebrar e espantar o calor: A cerveja. Mesmo que não beba, deve conhecer alguém que a ama, ou que ganha dinheiro com ela. Então venha falar, ouvir ou reclamar sobre cerveja no nosso Conversation Club desta semana.

Click here


History of Beer

How Beer Saved the World


Why Starting a Craft Brewery is a Bad Idea

Amazing Beer Industry Facts: Beer by the Numbers


Megafactories – Guinness  – Learn how one of the most traditional beers in the world is made.


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Do you enjoy having a beer? Why or why not?

Is beer good for your health?

Would you like to brew your own beer?





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