The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Esta semana vamos falar de algo quase universal, o trabalho. Todos nós o temos ou o queremos, o amamos ou o odiamos, ou às vezes os dois. Caso queira reclamar ou elogiar o seu, falar da situação dos empregos no Brasil e no mundo, ou somente achar estratégias para evitar esse assunto, basta se juntar a nós no nosso Conversation Club  desta semana.


The Future Of Work: It’s Already Here — And Not As Scary As You Think – Article by Forbes.

12 Signs That You Are An Workaholic – Article that helps identify if your work is more important than your life.


How to Make Work-life Balance WorkTed talk about the importance of dividing your time well.

9 Tips to Land Your Dream Job – Video and article by Fortune on how to get your dream job.




Do you really like to work or is it just an obligation?

Given the option of not working at all and having a small allowance, would you take it?

Is it true that work ennobles the soul?


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