The Past

Na semana passada, falamos das semanas futuras. Na semana corrente, falaremos sobre as semanas, meses e anos passados. Conte-nos histórias, suas ou de outros, famosas ou anônimas: o ponto mais importante do nosso Conversation Club é sempre um: Conversation.


Idioms with “past” –  A list of idioms with or about the past.

Could We Ever See The Earth In The Past? – Article from Forbes

Was life today easier than in the past? – A debate about the theme with opinions from different people.


A documentary about a reality show where people had to live as our ancestors did between around 1200 BC and 600 BC.


An interesting theory about the universe having being create last Thursday.


Was life in the past better or easier than today?

Do you live in the past?

What is more important 


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