I’d rather be lucky than good.

Lefty Gomez

Essa semana vamos falar sobre algo que talvez todos queiram ter: Sorte. Alguns acreditam nela, outros duvidam, outros são indiferentes. E você? Venha discutir os conceitos, consequências e crenças sobre o assunto no Conversation Club desta semana.


The Science of Luck

The 4 Scientific Ways to Become Luckier

The Number 2,187 is Lucky – Here’s Why


Is success also a matter of luck?  – Ted Talk by Philippe Gabilliet

TRAILER: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man – A Series in which a police officer gets a bracelet that gives him immense luck – but there are consequences.

Can you control your own luck? – Ted Talk by Richie Etwaru


Are you a lucky person?

Do you have any rituals or superstitions to increase your luck?

Can a person control his or her own luck?


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