The USA Elections – Hilary vs. Trump

Em nosso próximo encontro, o Conversation Club debate questões sócio-políticas que influenciam a vida de todos, com especial ênfase nas eleições norte-americanas em sua reta final.

What do you think is the most important political issue at the moment?


Do you think people’s political views change over their lifetime? Have your views changed much?

What say, if any, should religious organisations have in politics?


2016 US Presidential Election

How do your beliefs align with the candidates?


Do you think it is important to elect a president based on her/his political platform? One´s prior experience as a leader? The ability to have an understanding of the average citizen, and/or “minority groups“? Which of these points is most relevant (at the moment)?

Discuta este e outros pontos ao vivo com os professores online.

Agende sua sessão via Fale Conosco no Acesso VIP.



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