RELIGIONS ✛ the good, the bad & the ugly

Em nosso próximo Conversation Club iremos dialogar sobre os diversos papéis que inúmeras religiões mundo afora têm na vida das pessoas, dos âmbitos pessoais às questões sociais de maior grandeza.

How did religion start?


Do you think religion is good or bad? Why?


What are their differences? Are there any significant similarities?


Is the world a better/worse place because of religion? Why?


Why are some people persecuted because of their religion?


Money is more important than religion and shopping malls are more popular than places of worship. What do you think about this?


Do people who follow a religion have a better time than those who don’t?


If religion is all about love and peace, why are many of the world’s conflicts and wars caused by religion?


If religion teaches us that all men and women are equal and we must love everyone the same, why is there so much racism?


What would the world be like without religion?

Discuta este e outros pontos ao vivo com os professores online.

Agende sua sessão via Fale Conosco no Acesso VIP.





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