STORYTELLING ✶ allowing your imagination to run wild

No Conversation Club da próxima semana iremos praticar a união entre as estruturas da língua inglesa com a capacidade humana para a subjetividade – o quão bem você consegue narrar histórias?


Were stories, narratives & books important for you in your childhood? How so?

What was your favorite story or book when you were younger?

Were you imaginative? Would you come up with stories for people to hear, believe or have fun with you?


Can you talk about the importance of emotions within narratives?

Is it easy for you to narrate stories, report events, or come up with interesting tales nowadays? In what circumstances do you usually choose to or have to do it?


What kinds of influences can stories have in different societies & cultures?

Do you think adults can still benefit from storytelling? How?

Discuta este e outros pontos ao vivo com os professores online.

Agende sua sessão via Fale Conosco no Acesso VIP.




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