Social Media and Business – Help or Hinder?

O Conversation Club desta semana discute o acesso de empresas e relações de trabalho aos perfis públicos em mídias sociais de seus empregados e colaboradores.

Do you use any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Why or why not?

Can you access social medias from your office computer or working environment?

Do you think social medias help companies select employees or assess them in any other meaningful way?

Discuta este e outros pontos ao vivo com os professores online.

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One thought on “Social Media and Business – Help or Hinder?

  1. As a frequent user of social networks, I can see the power of those tools with regard to the professional area. Employers can now use them as a new way to get to know potential employees. But, as I see it, there coexist two sides of this use, separated by just a subtle difference in the intentions of those who search for information, and the disposition of the user to make clear that there is a distinction from the personal and the professional space.
    I think that the opportunity to chat and meet people from the same area as you, use the social media as a platform to expos your work, and get to know new projects and professionals is great. But, I not only think, but is also a crime, to judge and condemn a professional, in the work, for their views about personal things – as ideological or political thoughts, unless it hurts the human rights, or sexual orientation. So I really believe that we have to discuss about the the earnings and the ethical limits of the use of the social medias, especially in this globalized world where we live in.

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