Listening to Music

Há muita discussão sobre como os hábitos de se ouvir música mudaram nos últimos anos. Poucos ainda escutam discos, cassetes ou CDs hoje em dia. Mesmo rádios estão ultrapassados com os novos serviços de Streaming. As palavras agora são Streaming, Spotify, Internet Radio, Playlists. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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What is Streaming Music?

Streaming Music, or more accurately known as streaming audio, is a way of delivering sound without the need to download files of different audio formats. Music services such as Spotify use this method to provide songs that can be enjoyed on all types of different devices.

Streaming Audio Delivery

Typically, if you want to listen to music, or any other type of audio, you need to download an audio file.
However, when a streaming delivery method is used then there isn’t the need to download a complete file first. The basic way that this process works is that the audio file is delivered in small ‘packets’ in order for the data to be buffered on your computer and played virtually straight away. As long as there is a steady stream of these packets delivered to your computer, you’ll hear the sound without any interruptions.

This method of listening to music is particularly useful for situations that need instantaneous delivery, such as live broadcasts or music services that typically provide 30-second music clips before you buy.

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