Should iPods and phones be allowed in schools?

cellphones in school

Nowadays almost every child and adolecent in big cities owns a cell phone or tablet. There is a lot of discussion if they should be banned from the classroom as they can distract students. However, there are those who arguee that they can help students learn better.

Read this article to help you decide:

What do you think about it?


4 thoughts on “Should iPods and phones be allowed in schools?

  1. Generally, individual schools or classroom teachers have the authority to make the decision on the use of devices for students in the classroom. While devices can be useful in an emergency, for locating additional educational resources, or motivating students, overall devices are distracting for students, and use should be minimised.

  2. In my opinion, technology should support the educational process. But people in Brazil don’t have the discipline to use them freely. So, as far as I’m concerned, there must be clear rules and overseeing to control how and when students can use these tools.

  3. Obviously it can be a pretty useful tool, and also, obviously, common sense is at hand here. As a teacher I feel profoundly disturbed and annoyed when students keep on checking whatever on their gadgets, showing disrespect and lack of interest towards what´s being tought, as well as their peers. Maybe those who cannot look away from their screens should reconsider not only doing that, but their entire life, since clearly other things are speaking to their inners selves more than taking that one particular class (…).

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