Should Immigrants be Welcomed?

ADDS IDENTIFICATION OF CHILD A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, 3, after a number of migrants died and a smaller number were reported missing after boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near the Turkish resort of Bodrum early Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015. The family — Abdullah, his wife Rehan and their two boys, 3-year-old Aylan and 5-year-old Galip — embarked on the perilous boat journey only after their bid to move to Canada was rejected. The tides also washed up the bodies of Rehan and Galip on Turkey's Bodrum peninsula Wednesday, Abdullah survived the tragedy. (AP Photo/DHA) TURKEY OUT

With the current imigrant crisis in Europe, there are many views on  the issue. Some say it is a humanitarian obligation to welcome imigrants. Others arguee that they can bring dificulties to the country accepting them, both economic and social.

You can find some intersting views and articles here:

What is your take on the matter?


13 thoughts on “Should Immigrants be Welcomed?

  1. Yes, immigrants–or in this instance, refugees–should certainly be welcome into European and other surrounding countries (for example, Saudi Arabia–a wealthy, Muslim neighbour to Syria, who sadly refuses to allow entry), as well as countries farther away, such as the US and Brazil. We are one planet, one race, and we have enough resources (if we use them wisely) to support everyone to thrive (if we want to).

  2. I believe that we have a global humanitarian responsibility to firstly provide protection, shelter and food for all the innocent children in any society. Refugee children (and their parents) are a priority, they should be welcomed, educated and supported by the host country/culture/society in which thy enter.

  3. I think that immigrants should be accepted in Europe because everybody has an obligation to look after people from all around the world. We are all humans and we have to help people in need.Some countries need more people to work, so immigrants are not taking over the jobs from these places, they’re helping the economy.

  4. We still are to decide whether we, as a species, care about itself – one another, that is. End of story, while another, a sad one, is still ongoing as we speak.

  5. I think that immigrants should be helped by other countries especially by US and Britain, because both countries have motivated and supported the war in Syria. Therefore, they have to take responsibilty for their actions.
    Futhermore, i think everybody could help these people because they are victims of western interests.

  6. Every country should help as much as they possibly can. But the immigrants need to accept the local culture, and respect the people of the host nation.

  7. I think that immigrants should be helped by other countries, especially by US and Britain because both countries have motivated and supported the war, therefore they have to take responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, I think everybody could help these people because they are victims of western interests.

  8. I agree on Joao’s point above. It is important to lend a hand indeed but immigrants must respect other nation’s cultural differences and adjust to it in a way.

    1. I agree on Eugenio’s comment, specially because I have heard about some immigrants that are in Germany and are already not respecting the local culture. Just to exemplify, my sister is living in Frankfurt and she mentioned that some immigrants were trying to attack a school only because the kids were wearing shorts and skirts and as Muslims they did not agree with the kids’ outfit.

  9. For sure we – as human and “rational” beings – should welcome and give all the support that the immigrants need to overcome this tragic moment in their lives. Although, besides helping them, I strongly believe that we should think about the problem as a whole. Think about the causes that are behind the current migration movements. If we are not able to openly discuss the origins of the problem we will only be treating the consequences – the immigrants. Thus without an overall proposal which deals not only with the immigrants but all of the political, geographical and religious issues that are behind the conflict, the world is going to witness more violent deaths, intolerance, suffering and the darkest sides of mankind as we are currently observing day by day in the news.

  10. In my opinion the big problem for the other countries receiving immigrants is being prepared to offer them good conditions to live in. I believe that the immigrants have no time to wait, but some countries haven`t got the right economic conditions to receive them. I`m pretty sure that other countries are doing what they can, like Germany for example.
    In conclusion it is important to have a good plan to receive the immigrants, offering food, jobs and homes, otherwise they will have other issues to deal with.

  11. I totally agree on Eugenio’s point of view. My sister is currently living in Frankfurt and she reported some sad events of immigrants not respecting the Germany culture. And on the other hand we do need to be patient with the immigrants who had faced so many hard and sad situations…

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