Is outsourcing jobs a valid way out of labour laws in Brazil?

As you likely know, there has been plenty of discussion regarding the changing of the law about outsourcing Brazilian jobs. What is your opinion about this?  You can read this article to help you to better understand the issue…


3 thoughts on “Is outsourcing jobs a valid way out of labour laws in Brazil?

  1. Changing the law to allow the outsourcing of Brazilian jobs would definitely hurt Brazilian workers and the country. Outsourcing jobs only leads to weakened job security for workers, and greater profits for business shareholders and CEOs. In the US, workers’ unions have been greatly weakened, and secure jobs are dwindling. Brazilians can stand to benefit by uniting with workers unions and demanding job security for all of its citizens, no matter what level of work.

  2. I believe that facilitating working conditions through reducing bureaucracy is an excellent way to make better salaries more viable. The way our system works, salaries are hurt badly once companies compensate this costs. FGTS is one examples of several inefficient government policies. It would be way better if the benefits were negotiated directly. Workers would be able to earn more at the same time companies could reduce labor costs.

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