FUN FACTS: England

Hey, travellers out there! Did you know these seven interesting facts about England?


1. England has a large population for its size. It has almost three times the population of Australia and California, but is actually fifty-nine times smaller than Australia and seventy-four times smaller than the United States of America.
2. The English consume the most tea compared to any other people in the world. It’s estimated that their tea consumption is twenty-two times greater than the tea consumption of Americans and the French, and more than three times the consumption of the Japanese.
3. The Windsor Castle of England is the oldest royal residence that is still in use.
4. During the medieval period, even animals were put on trial for the “bad deeds” they committed. They were even punished and sentenced to death once they were proven guilty of their crimes.
5. Beer was a common accompaniment to the medieval English breakfast.
6. Around 1600, the world’s first ever hot-chocolate store (something like a coffee shop) started operating in London.
7. French used to be England’s national language from 1066 up until 1362. England’s national motto, “Dieu et mon droit,” is a French statement that means “God and my right.”

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