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For those who like to practice their listening while listening to the most recent news.
Here you will find the same account described in three different ways. Number 1 is for the ones who have more difficulty in understanding English (Beginners) and number 3 is for the most experienced ones. After listening to the stories, you can check the transcript below.

Criminal hit by a bus – 1

Criminal hit by a bus – 2

Criminal hit by a bus – 3 (Video)




A man took a phone from a woman. It was at a bus station. He wanted to run away but he ran in front of a bus. Then the bus hit him. All of this happened in Colombia.

It is interesting that the woman then came to help him. He had problems with his body, but he was alive. People took him to the hospital.

Police knew this criminal. He did bad things before. When the criminal left the hospital, the police took him to the police station. The police also caught criminals who helped this man


A thief in Colombia stole a woman’s mobile phone and tried to run away. He didn’t plan his escape very well as he ran in front of a coming bus.

It is interesting that the woman who had been robbed by him came to help him. The criminal didn’t get seriously hurt but he was moved to a hospital.

Police said that the criminal had done bad things before and that they caught some people who had helped him with those crimes.


When pickpocketing goes seriously wrong.

A Colombian thief badly botched his getaway after swiping a woman’s phone at a bus station in Colombia.

After snatching her mobile, the thief sprinted out of the doors and ran straight into an oncoming bus. And despite being robbed by him just seconds earlier, his victim even helps him out even from under the bus. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.

“This person was captured afterwards. The victim helped the thief by taking him out from under the bus. And some of his accomplices have been captured in the last few hours.”

According to police the man already had a history of theft. He was prosecuted after leaving the hospital.



pickpocketing (stealing from someone’s pocket)

botch (do something wrong)

getaway (escape)

swipe (steal)

snatch (take quickly)

accomplice (person who helps a criminal)

prosecute (take someone to court)



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