History of the telephone


Although most of us take it completely for granted, the telephone you have in your house is one of the most amazing devices ever created. If you want to talk to someone, all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial a few digits. You are instantly connected to that person, and you can have a two-way conversation.

The telephone network extends worldwide, so you can reach nearly anyone on the planet. When you compare that to the state of the world just 100 years ago, when it might have taken several weeks to get a one-way written message to someone, you realize just how amazing the telephone is!

Surprisingly, a telephone is one of the simplest devices you have in your house. It is so simple because the telephone connection to your house has not changed in nearly a century. If you have an antique phone from the 1920s, you could connect it to the wall jack in your house and it would work fine.

But what else do you know about the history of this wonderful device?

See more information about the invention of the telephone in the following video:

Now answer the following questions, according to the information in the video:

1 – How many people claim to have invented the telephone:

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

2 – Who was the firs man to patent it:

a) Antonio Meucci

b) Alexander G. Bell

c) Elisha Grey

3 – In which year he patented his invention

a) 1861

b) 1876

c) 1871

4 – Why did the man who first patented the telephone did not became famous

a) Because he didn’t prove the device worked

b) Because he didn’t have money to renew the patent

c) Because he died soon after the invention.

5 – How long did Elisha Grey had worked on inventing the telephone before he patented it:

a) 5 years

b) 3 years

c) 10 years


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