Interview with Debbie Davies

We will listen today we to an interview with Debbie Davies. She lives with her three children in Huntingdonshire – in the east of England. Debbie is the “chief reporter” – the main reporter for a local newspaper. Most places in Britain have free local newspapers where you can read about what people are doing in the area. We’ll be hearing about people in Huntingdonshire, as Debbie shows us a copy of ‘The Hunts Post’ newspaper. And we’ll hear about Debbie’s life, her interests, and how she combines a successful career as a journalist with being a mother. Debbie had her children before becoming a reporter. Why was studying to be a journalist a difficult time for her? Listen and take the quiz below.

Click here to listen

  1. Almost any piece written in a newspaper or magazine on a particular subject can be called
    a) the news agenda
    b) an article
    c) a column
    d) a page
  2. ________ is a regular section of a newspaper usually written by the same person.
    a) a column
    b) an article
    c) the news agenda
    d) a page
  3. If we say, ‘the newspapers are __________ a certain event’, it means they are reporting the news
    about it.
    a) publishing
    b) editing
    c) covering
    d) printing
  4. When an event is so important that newspapers put their reports on it on the first page, we can use
    the term _____________.
    a) a front page story
    b) a chief page report
    c) boss of the news
    d) hard news
  5. A journalist who is the main correspondent on key stories in a certain area (e.g. business, local
    news etc.) and has a team of junior reporters working in the same area is a ________ reporter.
    a) hard news
    b) front
    c) boss
    d) chief
  6. An ‘edition’ of a newspaper is ____________.
    a) its version targeted at people living in a particular area
    b) all of its copies published at the same time
    c) one of the many times that the newspaper is published
    d) any of the above


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