Learning Languages

Listen to Dr Adams talking about his new book, Learning a Language over Eggs and Toast and answer the comprehension quiz about the interview – click here.

Follow-up: click here to read the script and do the Shadow Reading technique – you “read and listen” at the same time. This is a very  useful technique for intonation and pronunciation training.

Instructions for Shadow Reading:

1. Listen to the interview once or twice to understand the general meaning of the audio.

2. Listen again and this time try to highlight or underline the stressed words in each sentence, and any pronunciation that is unexpected.

3. Play again and this time read along with the speaker, trying as much as possible to mimic their intonation.

4. Finally, practice reading the text aloud without the audio.

5. (Optional)  Record your reading of the text using a voice recorder (most computers have one).  As a follow up activity you can then listen to your own voice, and then the original audio, and note any differences you hear.


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